VivaFina Designs and Markets Two Face-Down Rest Platforms for Personal and Medical Use: SleeProne and Ziesta

Useful in Clinic, Bedroom, Studio, Workplace and when Traveling


SleeProne is for Clinical Positioning, Injury Recovery, Massage & Everyday Prone Sleep

SleeProne allows users to lie safely in the prone (face-down) position for up to three hours

Medical Professionals, personal users, and massage therapists are delighted by the comfort, convenience and affordability of SleeProne, which quickly transforms any flat surface into a haven for hygienic pronation.  Careful ergonomic contouring of support surfaces, waste-free modularity, body-shape adaptability, low price, and excellent material selection make SleeProne simply amazing.  At long last, comfortable prone rest is readily available for everyone.



 Ziesta is for Clinical Positioning, Napping while Seated, and Chair Massage

Ziesta is a face pillow that delivers extraordinary comfort for up to three hours.  

Ziesta ensures extended client comfort in clinic, for chair massage, and for cat naps in flight and at work.  Durable construction, compact profile and light weight make Ziesta easy to live with.  Low price makes Ziesta available to everyone, and takes the bite out of situations where reuse is unacceptable.  Ergonomic contouring, generous ventilation, and material selection make Ziesta the best choice.




 I love the hip cushions and found then to be easy to use and very comfortable. The chest cushion is great as well and I was thrilled at the light weight of the system, as it is easily portable for travel and could pack in suitcase without adding any mentionable weight.
New York Physician
I really like the shape, very clever!!
Florida Hair Restoration Surgeon
Our customers liked the design a lot, and honestly, your pillow is the final piece of the puzzle that makes it all work.
CEO of an Ohio Medical Device Manufacturer



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