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Travel Pillow & Power Nap

Ziesta, the face pillow portion of SleeProne, is small & lightweight- perfect for travelling, massage, desk napping and more. Its contours and specially designed airways let your face lie naturally on any flat surface for power naps on the go.

pillow for back pain

Belly Sleeper & Body Work

If you need a platform for long periods of comfortable face-down positioning for clients or personal use, SleeProne and Ziesta offer excellent, inexpensive new options. SleeProne quickly transforms any flat surface into an haven of fully prone rest. For out-call desk massage, small and sturdy Ziesta will give your customers the comfort they need to relax, and fully benefit.

pillow for neck pain

Snoring, Surgical Recovery, and Clinical Uses

SleeProne enables hygienic facedown sleep for hours, and does so at an unprecedented low price. Adding the prone position to your sleeping options can reduce pain & speed healing. When back, neck or shoulder pain from injury or surgery prevent a good sleep, SleeProne can make all the difference. Use atop your mattress. Easy! Check with your physician concerning therapeutic usage for scoliosis, rotator cuff, and all manner of shoulder, neck and spinal injuries.

Catch a power nap on any flat surface: at work, on a plane or even at school. For those on the go, sleep is a luxury, but Ziesta will keep you rested and clear-minded throughout the day.

"I love the hip cushions and found then to be easy to use and very comfortable. The chest cushion is great as well and I was thrilled at the light weight of the system, as it is easily portable for travel and could pack in suitcase without adding any mentionable weight. "

− New York Physician

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− Ziesta Customer

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on both the SleeProne System and Ziesta face pillow or your money back.